Our Chaplain: Rev. Dora Keeping is the Chaplain for Lawson Ministries. Dora Come’s to us with 20 years of experience in ministry within The Salvation Army, serving in Manitoba and Ontario. She has pastored 3 different Churches, worked in Corrections, both court and Detention centre. She has also worked with Developmentally Challenged Adults. Dora feels that through all of her ministry she has learned more from working with people than she could ever learn in a school, noting that developmentally challenged adults have taught her that simplicity of life is more valuable than gold. Dora feels it’s a joy each day to wake up and touch a life with God’s love and compassion, and to come away more blessed by the people she connects with than by anything she can offer them. Dora is available to meet for prayer, pastoral visits and chats, Officiate weddings, memorials, funerals, baby dedications, so feel to contact her or any of our staff for direction.

Spiritual Care: Dora provides chaplaincy services to participants, staff and families that desire to take part. She is available to meet one on one, or in a group. Please feel free to contact her directly at 289-682-2557.
Christian Education is held at 1590 in the resource building at 6:00pm on Tuesdays, where we actively learn about God and ourselves through bible stories, singing, games , arts and crafts. All Staff and residents of 1590 are welcome to attend. We do Christian Education Classes at the Paparella innovative Art Program at 10am Friday mornings, this certainly being held at Dundas Valley School of Art while our Freeway building is under construction.

  • On the third Wednesday of the month a staff prayer meeting is held at 7am, please call for location, as it changes to accommodate the needs of staff shifts etc.
  • On the last Monday of the month devotions are held at the Caledonia Thrift store at 8:45 am.
    Special services are held during Christmas and Easter, keep an eye on this site for times and dates.
  • For Information on Spiritual care and Christian education Click here!


Dora Keeping
Phone: 289-682-2557